Jay Ostrich Shares His Experience with Wealth Management to Assist During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Pandemic Has Developed into an Economic Crisis and Jay Ostrich Wants to Help by Sharing His Experience on Management of Wealth 

The pandemic has caused a public health crisis the likes of which has not been seen in over 100 years. Because of this, there are many people who are questioning what they can do to keep themselves safe. On top of adhering to the guidelines issued by the CDC, it is also paramount to note that COVID has also caused an economic crisis. Affecting individuals, families, and small businesses alike, there are many individuals who are debating what they should be doing to protect their health. Jay Ostrich has decided to assist people evaluate the answer to those questions.

Jay Ostrich Examines Federal Reserve’s Falling Interest Rates and What That Could Mean for Your Wallet

Jay Ostrich observed how the Federal Reserve dropped its interest rates for suddenly not long after the pandemic started. For those who might not understand the significance, Jay Ostrich wants to explain the impact on you as an individual. The Federal Reserve rate influences the decisions made by local banks to set their own interest rates. When the Federal Reserve decreases its interest rates, all other banks will copy the adjustment, so as to encourage individuals to borrow money at the lower rate. Because of this, the cost to  take out a loan right now is much less. This is the government’s attempt to try and infuse more money into the economy during hard times.

Jay Ostrich Talks About the Recent Turbulence in the Stock Market and What This Could Mean for Individuals and Families

Although it is convenient in today’s world to take out a loan, Jay Ostrich noted that when the stock market went haywire, everyone else did. Jay Ostrich’s main concern is the short-term effect on the stock market, as the pandemic is still going to wreak havoc on the revenue of local businesses across the country. Anyone who will need money in the near future may want to consider taking it out of the stock market. Those who are planning long term should take note that the market is likely to rise once the pandemic is behind us.

Jay Ostrich Opens up On What the Future of the Global Markets Will Look Like

Despite concerns from the pandemic, the future of global markets is positive. Jay Ostrich is positive that the markets are going to bounce back at some point in the future.  The main question is when this is going to happen in the US and across the globe. Jay Ostrich believes that there is a potential for global markets to not recover until there is a vaccine in circulation. While most experts agree that this is going to happen sometime in 2021, there is no guarantee that this will be the case. Therefore, it is critical for people to take steps now to protect themselves financially. 

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